Photo for On-Line Bio Data

ATTENTION: Photo for On-Line Bio Data

When you upload a photo image for your on-line bio data, please follow the guidelines below. 

    • id photoPassport style head shot
    • Size: Min: 150px X 150px  Max: 1024px X 1024px
    • Height : Width = 1 : 1 (square)
    • Background: White
    • No Hat, No Cap, No Sunglasses!!!!
    • Only you (no kids, no pets)




Snap photos are absolutely INAPPROPRIATE for a resume/bio data.

You must look professional, competent, sincere, and attractive.

It will appear as a 150px X 150px thumbnail. Make sure your photo is a square (height = width), otherwise your photo will look out of proportion. We will not edit your photo.

Remember that your bio data will be sent to employers.
You don’t want to be rejected because of your bad photo, do you?

As a matter of fact, many applicants have been rejected by employers due to a bad photo attached to their bio data (not because of their education or work experience).

We strongly recommend that you take your photo at a photo studio, unless you know how.

If you want to replace your photo, return to Form 1 and load a new photo to replace the old one.

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