Bio-Data – Instructions

Form 1

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name

  • Please enter your name as it appears on your birth certificate and passport.

ID Photo

  • Your ID photo will be used as a primary image for your profile.
    • Your ID photo must have been taken within 6 months.
    • Formant:  JPG/JPEG
    • Size: 300×300 pix or higher
    • Background: White

Form 2


  • Enter the most recent record first

Other/Vocational Training

  • The sections are collapsed. To enter information, click the header.

Form 3

Media – Photos and Video

  • General Guidelines
    • All photos and videos must have been taken within 6 months.
    • We will not edit or upload files. Please do not send images or video files to us via email.
    • Make sure all photos and videos are clear and clean. We are not responsible for any negative effects of your postings to your chance of being selected.
  • Guidelines for YouTube Self-Introduction Video (Optional)
    • Please state the following:
      • Your Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Occupation you are interested in
      • Your qualifications, such as education and work experience
      • Short description of your character/personality
      • Ending Statement
    • The video length must be approximately 3 minutes.  Practice a few times before you take a final video.
    • Use a high-quality video device. A cell phone is often inappropriate to capture a good quality video.
    • Take a video in a quiet and clean environment. Extra lighting equipments may be necessary to take a clear and bright video.
  • How To Enter YouTube Video URL into Bio Data
    • Go to YouTube and log in with your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you must create one before you proceed to the next step.
    • Click “Upload” on the top menu bar.
    • Do not change the privacy setting. It must be set to “Public.”
    • Click a big red arrow in the middle to upload the video.
    • A new window shows up and displays the uploading process.
    • You can find the URL of your video in the left pane, under “Upload status.” Copy it.
    • Go to your bio data form and paste the URL into the field.
  • Guidelines for Facebook Photo Album (Optional)
    • It is recommended to create a new album and to set its privacy level to “Public”.
    • If you choose to use an existing album, please make sure its privacy level is set to “Public”.
    • Select a few photos that help you create good impressions. Do not include too many photos in the album.
  • How to enter Facebook Photo Album URL into Bio Data
    • Go to your Facebook page. Go to “Photos” and “Albums”.
    • Select the album of your choice and click it.
    • Copy URL from the browser window at the top. It looks like: … type=x
    • Go to your bio data form and paste the URL into the field.
  • Guidelines for Full-Body Front Photo
    • Your full-body front photo must be taken in a semi-formal artier. Please remember that you have to look professional and mature.
    • Save the photos as:
      • Format: JPG/JPEG
      • Size: 300×300 pix or higher
      • Background: White