Factory Worker (Male) – Taiwan

We are now recruiting male factory workers for Taiwan. Interview date: December 12, 2014Qualifications & Description Male, 20-35 years-old 20/20 Vision, No Tattoo, Right-Handed College-Level Education Term of Contract: 2 years Salary: NT$27,000/mo – NT$28,000/mo + OT Please visit our Facebook page … Continue reading

CNC Machinist – Malaysia

CNC Machinist – Malaysia We are now accepting applicants for CNC Machinist for Malaysia.Description: Term of Contract: 2 years (optional additional 1 year) Salary: Dependent on job experience as CNC Machinist. Requirement: At least 2 years experience as CNC Machinist. … Continue reading

Construction Workers – Japan (Pooling)

We are now pooling construction workers for Japan to be dispatched under “Technical Interns Training Program.” Description Occupation Category Brick/Tile Laying Cement/Concrete Work Electrical System Work Heating, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration Heavy Equipment Operation Painting Plastering Plumbing Reinforcing Metal Work … Continue reading