ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) – Japan (Pooling)

We are now pooling applicants for ALT (assistant language teacher) for Japan.


  • Full-time English-language teacher at public or private school (2016 April ~)
      • ALTs are placed mainly in public schools or local boards of education. ALTs assist with classes taught by Japanese teachers of English (JTE) and are thus involved in the preparation of teaching materials and in extracurricular activities like English clubs or sports teams.
  • 5th Grade – 12th Grade (elementary school 5th & 6th grade; junior high school 1st-3rd grade; high school 1st-3rd grade)
  • Teach English courses in accordance with the curriculum
      • “Team teaching,” or assisting with classes taught by JTEs
      • Assisting in the preparation of teaching materials
      • Participating in extra-curricular activities with students
  • Salary (Approximate): 2,000yen/hour   X   120 hours/mo
  • Term of Contract: 1-3 years


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Communication, Linguistics, TESL/TEFL, or other related fields
  • Teaching experience highly preferred
  • Basic communication skills in Japanese
  • 25-45 years old


  • This posting is for pooling-purpose only. Application does not guarantee actual employment.
  • No fee is to be collected at the time of application.
  • Qualified applicants are required to complete Japanese-language and culture training/education prior to departure.
  • If you are interested, please contact us via email first.



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